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Our dresses are crafted for peak performance and top quality, just like the original clothes in GTA V. All our content is fine tuned to have as few polygons as possible while maintaining excellent levels of detail (LODs). Plus, our clothes are color-optimized to give you the most authentic and vivid experience in the game.

All dresses maintain perfect looks in game due to the use of correct shaders as specified by the game.

We deliver all clothes with editable YDD (model), editable Β YTD (textures including PSD in special cases) and information for DCT configurations if needed. In order to use the clothes you will have to add them to your own cloth resource, please see the Durty Cloth Tool for details on how to do this.

#001 - Fur Coat Dress

14.00 EUR

6 texture variations πŸ–ŒοΈ
Custom torso included πŸ§₯
Uses game shader for best look 🌟
πŸ”₯Most popular

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