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The creative arm of Pleb Masters, specialized in crafting exclusive server content for FiveM. With over 7 years of modding experience, we bring unparalleled expertise and insights to the GTA V community through our flagship product, Pleb Masters: Forge.

Our commitment lies in delivering high-quality server content, ensuring customer satisfaction, and providing responsive support within 24 hours. Join us for an enhanced FiveM experience with unique and innovative content for your server.

Instant Delivery

Experience swift delivery of your purchased items directly via Cfx.re Keymaster.

Superior Quality Assets

Our assets are expertly optimized to offer top-notch quality, ensuring seamless performance.

Secured Content

Our assets are safeguarded with Cfx.re's Asset Escrow & license, complete with Tebex ownership verification. Visit Cfx.re for more information.

Customization-Friendly Setup

Our content is created with customization in mind, allowing you to easily swap brands, logos, and images to fit your unique needs.

Regularly Updated Assets

Stay up-to-date with our assets that receive regular updates and occasional new feature enhancements.

Reliable Support Services

Gain easy access to straightforward guides and get all your questions answered through our professional Discord support team.


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The interiors Forge Studios creates are incredible! Each building feels unique and adds so much depth to our GTA server. Their attention to detail really makes these spaces come alive.

Avatar of UrbanGamer



Forge Studios' MLOs have transformed our game world. The new buildings integrate seamlessly, offering our players more immersive and diverse environments to explore.

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Absolutely impressed with Forge Studios' building designs. They've added a new level of realism to our server with their detailed and varied interiors. It's been a game-changer for our community.

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Each MLO from Forge Studios is a masterpiece. They've enriched our role-playing experience by adding unique, highly detailed buildings that offer new spaces for our stories to unfold.

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