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Rockford Ridge Boulevard - Kebab/Betting Hall/Driving School

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Welcome to Rockford Ridge Boulevard, the latest addition where Rockford Hills gets a taste of the high life with a twist. Here, you'll find the charming allure of a Kebab Bistro, the thrill of a Betting Hall, and the practicality of a Driving School—all wrapped up with customizable logos and an animated advertising board to truly make it your own. Dive into this eclectic mix, boasting ample parking and a garage for your convenience. Whether you're indulging in savory delights, placing your bets in a grand gaming room, or taking the wheel at the driving school, Rockford Ridge Boulevard elevates your experience to new heights. Embrace the unique blend of leisure and learning in this exclusive getaway!


  • Kebab Bistro: Step into the Kebab Bistro and let the tantalizing aromas of exotic spices and grilled meats transport you to a culinary paradise. This cozy establishment offers a unique dining experience, perfect for a quick bite or a leisurely meal with friends.
  • Betting Hall: The heart of excitement, the Betting Hall, features a vast gaming room where fortunes are made and dreams soar, featuring a safe room for the most precious winnings.
  • Driving School: Embark on the road to mastery with the Driving School. From the welcoming reception to the comprehensive training room, every aspect is designed to provide an educational yet engaging experience for aspiring drivers.
  • All logos changeable / replaceable with own: Each venue allows for personalization with your own logos, enabling you to brand your experience and stand out in the city.
  • Animated advertising board in the betting office: Catch the eye of every visitor with the animated advertising board in the betting office.


  • Total File Size: 12mb
  • Modified game ymaps: hei_bh1_rd_critical_3.ymap, hei_bh1_occl_04.ymap
  • Modified game ybns: hei_bh1_rd_6.ybn, hi@hei_bh1_rd_15.ybn


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🛡️Escrow Protection:

We safeguard our assets using the Escrow system, ensuring our content is protected and exclusive to FiveM. Please note that 3D models (YDR files) are not editable under this protection. However, all textures (YTD) remain open for customization, allowing you to infuse your unique branding and style.

Rockford Ridge Boulevard - Kebab/Betting Hall/Driving School

24.00 EUR

Features multiple stores 💈
Animated textures 💫
Fully Customizable Textures 🎨
Perfect Audio Occlusion 🔊
Door Configuration Included 🚪
Lifetime Support Included 🤝
Escrow Protected 🛡️
FiveM Supported ✅
Optimized for gamebuild 2944 🚀
Optimized for gamebuild 2802 🚀
Optimized for gamebuild 2699 🚀
alt:V + RageMP on request via ticket 🎫
No easter eggs 🙁
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