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Justice Junkies LLP - Lawyer Office

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Step into the world of high-stakes law with our latest MLO interior - "Justice Junkies LLP"! Crafted with a satirical nod to the vibrant and often exaggerated life in Los Santos, this meticulously designed lawyer office is not just a space; it's an experience. Spread over two dynamic levels connected by an impressive hallway, this Lawyer Office boasts dual entrances, ensuring a grand arrival from either side. Immerse yourself in the roleplay as you navigate through plush office rooms, a chic kitchen corner, and a relaxed chill-out area.

Elevate your roleplay experience as you strategize in the expansive meeting room or revel in the luxury of the equity partner’s office.


  • Entrance Hall & Hallway: A grand welcome awaits in the spacious entrance hall, seamlessly leading to a well-connected hallway.
  • Two Entrances: Versatility at its finest with two distinct entrances, offering accessibility and a touch of grandeur from both sides of the building.
  • Kitchen Corner: Bond over meals in a cozy kitchen corner, complete with a table perfect for team lunches and informal gatherings.
  • Chillout Corner: Unwind in style in the laid-back chillout corner, featuring comfy couches for those much-needed breaks.
  • Big Meeting Room: Convene with confidence in a large meeting room, ideal for crucial conference calls and major decision-making sessions.
  • Fancy Office Room for Equity Partner: Exude power and sophistication in the opulent office room reserved for the equity partner, where decisions meet luxury.
  • Office Room 1: Enjoy the solitude and focus in a spacious office room, designed for productivity and privacy.
  • Office Room 2: A generously sized personal office, offering privacy and luxury for focused work.
  • Bathroom with Toilets: Functional and well-appointed bathrooms equipped with all essentials for comfort and convenience.
  • Fancy Waiting Area for Customers: Impress clients right from the start in an elegantly designed waiting area, setting the tone for premium client experiences.


  • Total File Size: 23mb
  • Modified game ymaps: hei_dt1_10_long_0.ymap, hei_dt1_10_strm_0.ymap, hei_dt1_occl_03.ymap
  • Modified game ybns: dt1_10_0.ybn, hi@dt1_10_0.ybn


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Justice Junkies LLP - Lawyer Office

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